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Why Is The Auto AC Blowing Out ... ?

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Ah—the modern automobile. It is comfortable, it is safer than ever, and it is cool no matter if the bright sunshine is beaming down. Having an air conditioner in your car is definitely rewarding, but occasionally, these units can fail just like any other air conditioner can. Usually, when an auto air conditioner starts to fail, you can tell that something is wrong because of what is blowing out of the vents. Here is a handy guide of the different types of air an auto AC can produce and what these experiences can be a symptom of with your own automobile. 

Why is the auto AC blowing out warm or hot air?

Without a doubt, blowing warm or hot air is the number one complaint a vehicle owner will have when they show up looking for help at an auto air conditioning service. If the AC is not blowing out cooled air as it should, there can be a couple of different problems at play. Primarily, no cooled air tends to mean that the refrigerant levels are not where they should be. However, the problem can also mean that the AC compressor is not kicking on.

Why is the auto AC blowing out moisture droplets?

You are simply enjoying the fact that your car can be cooled on a hot day when suddenly, small droplets of water land on your arms and face. If your automobile's air conditioner is spraying out moisture when it is turned out, it is definitely not a good sign. This kind of thing usually means the condensation within the AC is not draining properly; instead, it is getting backed up inside of the AC where it is getting inside the vents. Condensation issues can lead to mold and mildew problems in your car, so they really should be taken care of quickly. 

Why is the auto AC blowing out odd-smelling air?

If the air conditioner is blowing out air that has an odd smell, it is a good idea to shut it down until you can get the vehicle into a professional for attention. Different odors can mean different things, but none of them are good. If the air smells like chemicals, it could mean the system is leaking refrigerant and it is somehow getting into the exhaust lines. If the air smells like mildew, it could mean that moisture has collected inside the system and caused mildew to form. 

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