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3 Important Care Tips That Help You Avoid Costly Foreign Transmission Repairs

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If you own a foreign car, it's critical to keep up with transmission maintenance. Doing so can ensure your foreign car works at an optimal rate and helps you avoid costly repairs. Maintaining this instrumental part won't be as difficult if you utilize these care tips.

1. Check the Transmission Fluid Periodically  

For your transmission to operate smoothly and not overheat during operation, you need to check the transmission fluid on a regular basis. This isn't that difficult. First, you'll need to locate the transmission dipstick that's underneath your foreign vehicle's hood.

Take it out and wipe it down with a dry rag. Insert it back into the transmission port and take it out again. If the fluid levels are below the full line, more transmission fluid should be added. It's critical that you use the same type of transmission fluid for optimal performance. You should also inspect this fluid's color. If it's dark and has a sludge-like consistency, your entire transmission may need to be flushed. 

2. Use The Transmission Correctly 

A lot of transmission problems can easily be avoided if you simply use the transmission correctly over the years. For example, you need to know exactly which gear you should be in based on how fast you're going and the type of driving situation you're in. 

If your foreign car has a manual transmission, then you should know exactly when to shift. Otherwise, you risk stripping your transmission's gears. Additionally, it's recommended to let your vehicle warm up a bit before dropping it into a different gear. This is particularly important in colder temperatures.

3. Change the Transmission Filter 

A lot of older foreign cars were built with transmission filters, which are designed to prevent contaminants like debris from causing unnecessary damage. If your foreign car has one, you'll need to change it at the appropriate intervals to ensure your transmission doesn't break down prematurely.

To inspect this part, all you need to do is hold it up in some light. If it's covered in dirt and debris on both sides, be sure to find a suitable replacement. Make sure you select the same size so that it fits effortlessly into the housing unit.

Dealing with transmission repairs can be stressful from a financial standpoint, especially for foreign cars that may be a little more difficult to work on. These repairs don't have to be a regular occurrence if you take proper care of your transmission. Preventive maintenance goes a long way and gives you a peace of mind when on the road. 

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