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Top Signs Your Police Department Should Invest In Low-Frequency Police Sirens

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If you are a part of your local police department, sirens are probably nothing new to you. If you are like many law enforcement officers, however, you might not really think about sirens very often; instead, you might just use them when you need them without really putting much thought into it. In fact, your department might have used the same sirens for a long time now, and you might not have really thought about replacing them, other than when they become faulty.

It might be a good time for your department to invest in low-frequency police sirens—which actually "shake" the ground to grab attention—for all of your cruisers. These are a few signs that this might be the case.

They Often Work in High-Traffic Environments

For one thing, if your police department is located in a busy city or if your police officers often work in areas with a lot of traffic, then you might have noticed that it is sometimes difficult for drivers to hear when you and the other officers turn on your sirens. With low-frequency police sirens, however, you can help ensure that drivers feel the siren when it's turned on. This can help you ensure that you are able to get the attention of drivers even when there is a lot of traffic around.

They Often Work in Otherwise Noisy Environments

Even if there isn't a lot of traffic in your area, your officers could still benefit from low-frequency police sirens. For example, if there are other loud noises in your area, such as trains, a low-frequency siren can help you grab the attention of drivers who you are trying to pull over or pass.

They Often Work With Pedestrians

Many pedestrians are accustomed to police sirens being sounded for drivers, so they might not really pay attention to the noise. Additionally, pedestrians who are listening to headphones might not easily hear police sirens. If you invest in low-frequency police sirens that "rumble," however, you can help grab the attention of pedestrians. Depending on the needs of your department, this might be useful.

You'd Like to Reduce Siren Noise

If you feel as if the sirens in your city are creating way too much noise, you should know that low-frequency police sirens can be helpful. Even though they can be better at getting attention from those surrounding the police vehicle, they are actually quieter. This can be a good way to reduce siren noise throughout your city.